Government Services Integration

Government Services Integration

The Government Services Integration Committee (GSIC) is responsible for coordinating and mainstreaming the support of government to ensure the Independence of the Sol2023 Games charter. . The GSIC has formed (11) Cluster Groups where Ministries have been assigned to different functions and responsibilities to perform and support the Games Organizing Committee, the National Hosting Authority, and the Government to successfully deliver the Pacific Games in 2023. The GSIC is currently led by its Chairman Mr. Bernard Bataanisia and are based at the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet office.

Bernard Bata'anisia
Project Manager

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    Featured Government Services Integration Press Release
    Seconded Officers Commissioned, ready to be integrated into Games Workforce

    More than 100 public servants, teachers and employees of State-Owned enterprises have been seconded to support the workforce within the Sol2023 Games Organizing Committee for the period of six months starting 17 July 2...

    Featured Government Services Integration
    Mbokonavera 4 community support Safe and Green Games cleanup campaign

    The Mbokonavera 4 community of Vavaya Ward of Honiara city, have kick-off their general cleanup over the weekend to support Safe and Green Games cleanup campaign.

    The clean-up program...

    Government Services Integration Press Release
    GSIC Discusses Safe Green Games Campaign with SINU Executive

    Government Services Integration Committee (GSIC) in the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet met with members of the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) Executive on 6 February 2023 to discuss the Safe and Green Games, which would be la...

    Government Services Integration

    Chief Executive Officers and representatives of State Owned Enterprises were informed and updated with the ongoing works towards the Pacific Games 2023.

    Secretary to the Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Hosting Authority Dr. Jimmi...